#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

Apologists for Ritual Slaughter claim that it is both quick and humane. We say that this imported ritual isn't - it is barbaric, cruel and wholly unnecessary. In addition ritually slaughtered meat should not be clandestinely fed to our kids in their school dinners - as is happening in hundreds of schools up and down the country at present!

Does your kids' school secretly serve up ritually slaughtered meat in their meals? If you don't know then we urge you to find out!

Parents and pupils alike should contact their schools to demand that any ritually slaughtered meat used in school catering be clearly labelled as such, so as to provide freedom of choice for the vast majority of pupils who, quite rightly, have no wish to participate in the most prolific form of animal cruelty practiced in Britain today!

We, the undersigned, call for the barbaric slaughter of animals in the name of Religion to stop immediately.

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