#Animal Rights
animal abusers

Cruelty to animals has gone on long enough. Punishment should be stronger. Remember Jane Goodall.

Would you beat or starve your own cat or dog? Well people out there do, and some of the most likely think it's okay, mabey their parents did, maybe their best friends do it, maybe they do it for sheer entertainment.

Punishment for animal abuse should be stronger! A person who beats, or starves a human doesnt go to jail for a few years and then just be released, they are punished, so what if its not a human, most people in the US cant even find us on the world map, or know that polar bears live in the norther hemisphere, not with the penguins in the southern. If animals could talk, I bet they could know that, humans take their rights for granted, while animals are killed for sport, just trying to live, animals don't kill for joy, some people think,"well, the lions kill the baby lions sometimes" only if they arent their child/cub, lion males, in order to keep their family in charge, they have to get rid of other males cubs.

This is an issue that I cant stay quiet on, I may be this shy kid in school, but not when animals are being harmed, after all, its their world too. Remember, my hero, and idol, Jane Goodall.

We, the undersigned, say Stop animal abuse now!

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