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In the past the global media has not hesitated calling Michael Jackson names, but they marvel at spreading lies about him. Such as; Michael bleaching his skin because, according to them, he wanted to be white. Issuing an article in which they claim he had cocaine in his underwear. Or saying that Michael was gay, to name just a few.

I will print this off and send it to all possible media outlets once enough signatures have been gathered.

The media loves nothing more than to make fun of Michael for money. They will make the public believe anything they say. Even if it's not true. They brainwash the public with their slander. Their continues lies have contributed to some of the worst monents in his life. Please sign this petition.

We want all media outlets all over the world to stop printing lies about Michael Jackson. Stop this slander! We will not longer let the media use Michael in such a negative way to boost their sales or for any other reason.

Please support this petition by signing it.

"Lies run sprints, truth runs marathons" - Michael Jackson

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