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Having lived in Staffordshire for the last 7 years now I have seen the amount of junkmail rise and rise almost on a daily basis, as more and more unwanted mail piles through my door each day.

I know this is fast becoming a pain for many people and although you can opt out of the mail recieved from Royal Mail there is no way of getting around people walking down the street shoving fliers and menus through your door.

I think this should be made totally illegal as in many UK places people are having to pay to get rid of excess waste. I know each month I get enough junk mail to fill at least one, sometimes two bin liners full. Added up across the country that leaves a hell of a lot of waste piled up which is unwanted.

In a time where the government is being green aware this would be a perfect step on the road to controlling the UK's waste problem.

We the undersigned call upon the UK government to ban all forms of junk mail being posted through our doors without our express permission.

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