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The Oklahoma Department Of Corrections
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A Petition to call upon all members of the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate to take immediate action against Department Of Corrections Officers for threatening inmates and their families.

To All Fellow Americans,

The following petition is submitted to you for your serious consideration. After reading it, if you agree that something needs to be done, please let your voice be heard by signing it. This will contribute to all of our collective voices becoming a single serious force that every U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator will have to acknowledge.

The abuse and extorting of our inmates in our prison system is not getting any better, it is getting worse by the day. It is to where you read about a prisoner that is either been killed or is on life support because of some kind of abuse within the system. I'm referring to abuse by Officers and other inmates.

How can we get this problem stopped in our prison systems? We the people must demand positive, proactive action from our U.S. Congressman and U.S. senators. They must do a full investigation within the prisons. There is no time to waste, because next week another life may be lost that could and should have been saved last week.

One Private Prison in Lawton, Ok let one of their Officers resign on his own back in December 2008 who had abused and extorted an inmate to the point the inmate had to be put into protective custody. There was no punishment to this Officer for his crime and it was investigated and proved that the Officer was guilty of the crime. How do I know all this for a fact. Because it was My Loved One it happened to and now we both suffer greatly over this incident. So I'm asking for Fellow Americans to help me get this stopped in our prisons.

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