#Law Reform
NSW Parliament

The 'Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019' would legalise abortion to birth for any reason in NSW without any consideration for an unborn child. Women would be placed at greater risk of pressure and coercion to have an abortion for any reason under this bill. The bill requires health practitioners to facilitate a woman obtaining an abortion even when they object to it.

A significant cross-party group of NSW Parliamentarians is trying to push this bill through quickly without due process and consultation with NSW citizens. If you sign this petition we will be keeping you informed on this and related topics.

We, the undersigned citizens of Australia, strongly oppose the 'Reproductive Health Reform Bill 2019' and respectfully call upon both houses of the NSW Parliament to reject the bill in its entirety.

We do not believe abortion should be unrestricted until birth. We disagree with the removal of safeguards for the health and welfare of women. Health practitioners should not be forced to participate in or refer for abortions.

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