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Lake County Council and Commissioners
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The 2012 Lake County Budget was over $142 million. The 2013 county budget is $143 million which is an increase of over 1% when the total assessed value of properties in Lake County decreased.

Both budgets were reduced by the Department of Local Government Finance because expected revenues (taxes) were insufficient to meet the submitted budget. The Lake County Council is discussing an income tax of anywhere from 1-3% of your income.

We, the taxpayers of Lake County, oppose county government taking more of our hard earned dollars and using them on wasteful government expenses.

Whereas Lake County owns and operates 12 parks and employs a CEO and COO of the Parks Department with salaries over $133,000 and a budget of over $7 million;

Whereas Lake County's population decreased by over 1000 residents from 2011 to 2012 with no expectation of bringing in good paying jobs to attract residents and increase the tax base;

Whereas we have at least 2 townships that have out of control spending with combined budgets over $16 million;

Whereas Lake County's unemployment rate as of January 2013 was 118% of the state of Indiana's unemployment rate at 11.3;

We, the Lake County Taxpayers, demand better government. We do NOT want another tax on us to fulfill county government spending. We cannot afford to lose up to 3% of our incomes when most of us, who are still employed, have not even had a raise in the last 5 years. Many Lake County residents are retired and on fixed incomes and receive less than a 2% increase in Social Security each year.

We further resolve and pledge to vote against any County Councilman or County Commissioner in the next election who votes FOR any additional taxes on us before decreasing the county budget by cutting waste or selling assets.

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