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If you are sick and tired of all the negative political advertising, issue ads, and electioneering communications being forced on you in the privacy of your own home and you’ve had enough, please read on.

By signing this petition, you will be joining fellow Americans who feel personally responsible to substantially reduce the amount of this kind of political advertising that you and your family are being exposed to during the 2012 national, state, and local political election races.

We the undersigned ask ALL national television networks, ALL local television stations, ALL cable television networks, ALL national and local radio networks and stations, ALL national and local newspapers and magazines, ALL direct mailers, and ALL internet channels of communications REFUSE to accept and air or print or disseminate by any means or fashion ANY and ALL third party (non-candidate approved) political advertising.

If our demands are not met, we the undersigned will participate in MASS BOYCOTTS of ANY and ALL media found to be disseminating ANY and ALL third party (non-candidate approved) political advertising.

By signing this petition you join fellow petition signers and commit to:

• monitor all media you watch, read, and listen to;

• report to this petition sponsor any and all media that continue to air, print, and/or disseminate any and all negative third party (non-candidate approved) political advertising;

• Participate in all boycott alerts sent to you by this petition sponsor.

American voters will be better and more accurately informed because you are participating in this petition and boycott movement.

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