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Since his election into office as the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has created many false promises about fighting climate change. None of these have been fulfilled.

He said, a year ago, when he opted out of the Kyoto Accord, that their GHG emission targets were too high and that Canada wouldn't be able to reach them. In return, he promised to set some realistic goals for Canada. Those goals still haven't been set.

After making this promise, Stephen Harper quickly rearranged his cabinet, firing the former environment minister, Rona Ambrose, and replacing her with Jim Flaherty, former finance minister who knows, or seems to know, nothing about the environment.

This petition intends to make Stephen Harper aware of climate change and the fact that he is the only person who can greatly change our goals and emission levels.

To the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister,

Canada is a wonderful country. A country that is very strong and very outspoken on many issues. Canada is a country that is not afraid to go out on a limb and potentially embarrass themselves, if it means freedom to fellow humans or the fixing of a major world problem. For years we have been pushing ahead of everyone else as leaders in many areas of world economics and human rights.

Yet, it seems that, even with all these issues, we are forgetting the most important issue of all, climate change. Canada is one of the worst producers of greenhouse gases in the world. This is not something we should be proud of. Just like with every other problem we face, Canada should be leading the pack in energy conservation. Our society should be doing everything we can to prevent and reverse this problem, and since the government is a body elected by society, for society and representative of society, it should be doing all it can to fix our greenhouse gas problem.

Therefore, as informed and concerned citizens, we pose this question. Why is your government neglecting the global warming problem? You are currently heading down a path that leads only to higher emissions. Your approach is allowing the big polluters to go free, therefore increasing our country’s emissions at exponentially higher rate.

We, the undersigned, call on you to uphold the values and standards that Canada has held dear for so long; the standards that we as Canadians have come to expect from our government; the standards that have made us as a country, one of the leaders in most important issues for over a century.

We demand that our government shoulder the responsibility they have to Canada and the world, and deliver an effective climate change plan that:

1. Dramatically cuts total fossil fuel pollution, from all sources, including the oil sands.

2. Makes Canada a world leader in energy efficiency.

3. Bans the use of incandescent light bulbs by 2020.

4. Offers business incentives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions below their 1990 levels.

5. Develops Canada’s full green power potential.

6. Takes steps towards creating a carbon neutral government.

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