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A few Internet friends from around the world recently found out via buzzfeed that the offers for different dishes in McDonalds' over the world are very different.
For example; McDonalds in the Phillippines has pasta in their menu, while the rest of the world never knew that was a thing! This is unfair to the people who are curious as to what those dishes taste like, but don't have access to them. We aren't able to travel the world to taste these dishes, but it is possible for these dishes to be put on the menu in other countries. Even if it's just for tryouts.
Reply in the comments which dishes you would like to see in your country, so we have more information to go on!

We, the undersigned, would want McDonalds to start food exchange programs. Which means that McDonalds will put dishes that are only available in certain countries on the menu in multiple other countries around the world, based on which dishes the people in that country want.
This way McDonalds will find out which menu items should be continued globally, instead of just in specific countries. Which will be good not only for their own sales, but also for their costumers satisfaction.
We as consumers want to be able to taste all these different dishes, without having to travel to the other side of the world!

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