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Star Wars: Empire at War was one of the greatest strategy games with the setting in the Star Wars universe. The fans not only love the older Star Wars Battlefront games, but also the great and beloved strategy game from 2006 and its addon Forces of Corruption. It has enough content to catch a massive playerbase all over the world from all age levels.
Pandemic Studios, the original developers of Star Wars: Empire at War and its addon, showed in the last couple of weeks, that they are interested in developing a sequel to the original game. Sadly, Electronic Arts didn't share this idea because they want to concentrate more on quality instead of quantity (especially on the FPS games like the new Battlefront series). That's never the less no reason why the idea about a sequel should be dumped.

Now, the playerbase has one clear statement about this topic:

Start the development of Star Wars: Empire at War 2!

I think, the developers from Pandemic Studios have not only ideas for this title, but skill and experience as well.
Look at the ratings and the mass of people playing the old title until today! It won't be a bad idea considering the development, while it would sell very good in my opinion!
Some might say Battlefront 1/2 from the new series was a terrible idea which shows that they are dissatisfied with the Star Wars games, which is not only shown in media and in overall critics.
Now is the chance for you, Electronic Arts, that you can show together with Pandemic Studios how it is done with this new announcement and the final release of the highly anticipated game.

Support it to show EA what we (the players) want and especially show Pandemic Studios, that they have our trust and that we believe in them!

Thank you for your support.

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