Blizzard Entertainment
United States of America

Why is it that Blizzard, the always game maker for pc is now determined to turn away their back at their pc gamers in so many good games? Not only the games are done not for pc, but for Xbox, the games are not even converted. They`v chosen a side in the exclusive game war battled by Playstation Xbox and Gamecube, but is the pc in that war? NO! We are now aware that the code is very similar, so why this desertion?

This petition should be about an oficial Microsoft Emulator, but for now its about a game, the Starcraft Ghost. We must make a comun voice be heard to fight this escalating and injustified scenario.

This petition shows how many pc gamers wish the game Starcraft Ghost converted to pc.

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The Starcraft Ghost petition to Blizzard Entertainment was written by Manuel Correia and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.