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George Lucas, Lucas Films

For Star Wars purists Episode I was a surprising disappointment with the introduction of the character Jar Jar Binks. If Jar Jar wasn't enough to stomach, plans are still underway to include the boy band members of N'Sync in Episode II.

Lucas Films spokeswoman Lynne Hale is quoted as confirming that, "The N'Sync guys were shot as extras ... in a background scene," she said. "Whether that makes it into the movie or not won't be determined until [director] George [Lucas] has a final edit, and he won't have that until close to
the time of release."

The purpose of this petition is to call for the boy band to be put on the chopping block and to call on George Lucas to REMOVE N'SYNC FROM STAR WARS EPISODE II!

We call upon the force to stop N'SYNC!

Any tips or info should be passed on to stopNsync@hotmail.com

In the interests of maintaining the integrity of Star Wars Episode II, we the undersigned call upon George Lucas and Lucas Films to remove the boy band N'SYNC from Star Wars Episode II.

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