#Children's Rights
Voters of Florida
United States of America

When an infant is born, he or she is required to have a genetic screening test done to test for any harmful diseases. This test uses a sample of the child's blood to extract and screen the DNA for specific traits. But what happens to this sample after it is used for the screening process?
Most patient samples are given to the scientific community for research without clear consent from the parents. Unless a parent specifically requests that the sample be destroyed and discontinued, the infant's blood sample will be used for further research among scientists. The problem with this process is not what the sample is used for after screening, but rather, the lack of consent from parents and potential privacy violations. To protect the infant's privacy and control over their own samples and information, it should be required that the infant's legal guardian be given the explicit opportunity to choose whether the patient's sample be donated to research or destroyed and placed in medical waste.

We, the undersigned, call on the state of Florida to require explicit consent from parents to donate infant blood samples from genetic screening tests to scientific research at the time that blood samples are taken.

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