#Civil Rights

Miguna Miguna, former adviser to Prime Minister Raila Odinga on matters of the coalition government, has written a book called Peeling Back the Mask that is critical of his ex-boss.

Over the last few months since the book came out, we've witnessed a brazen attempt to silence Mr. Miguna, with supporters of Raila Odinga resorting to violence against Miguna and even his family.

Prime Minister Odinga has not spoken to his followers to urge restrain and neither has President Mwai Kibaki acknowledged that we're witnessing a fundamental infringement on a citizen's right to free speech in broad daylight.

It's a upon you to lend your voice to this. Whether or not you agree with Miguna, please sign this petition. This level of intolerance has no place in a democracy;


Whether or not you agree with the content of Miguna's book, sign this petition to show support for his RIGHT to express himself freely.

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