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My background, history and evidence are taken from the Holy Bible. Taken out of the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 18 starting with verse 18, going on to Chapter 27. I liken this Nation as Israel, being it was given the torch to carry the Word of God to the entirety of the world. This Nation was founded on Christianity, one Nation under One God. We have taken God out of our schools, courthouses and slowly our Country. Our law of freedom of religion has become freedom from God. This is bringing judgment upon our Nation. As Jeremiah, I weep to see our nation falling so far from the Almighty God that founded our Nation. Woe to you leaders and pastors who set idly by as millions are murdered by abortion. Woe to you who condone homosexuality, transgender and gay marriage and Woe to you who take the Name of God out of our public places, who remove the 10 commandments from our squares and prayer out of our children's schools. We allow the worship of other gods in the high places, it is time to remove the high places from our country. I am a Pastor that believes in the whole Bible. Not just parts I pick and choose to fit my lifestyle. Nor do I leave out parts that may offend someone or hurt someone's feelings. If we as leaders, pastors and Christians fail to warn others of the just judgment of God then we are the ones with blood on our hands. Stand up for God.

So we as Christians urge all that read this petition, to take a Stand for God. As sure as Jeremiah broke the vessels of pottery, as sure as Israel and Judah were destroyed, is as sure as America will be destroyed unless we as people stand up and call for our Nation to return to the God that set this country in place. Thank you all and God Bless you, God Bless the United States, and God Bless this World.

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