#Human Rights
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

We were very excited to have our first ultrasound of our baby done. We booked at the hospital and was already to go. We were in disbelief when we were told that my spouse was not allowed into the room for the whole procedure! My spouse was only allowed in for the last 2 minutes.

The reason for this I was told was because they don't want to have to be the one to inform both parents if something is not right they leave that up to the mother to face alone. This doesn't seem to be the "rule" or "policy" in all Hospitals or ultrasound places. So why take someone's right away?

Everyone should be allowed at least one person to be there by their side through all types of ultrasounds!

We, the undersigned, call on The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to have a policy in place that states that a patient is entitled to one support person in the ultrasound room with them during the entire ultrasound procedure.

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