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We often petition governments and individuals to help bring about a desired change. In doing so, we recognize the importance of doing our part to create a better society. However, the ultimate success of these efforts depends on G-D.
This "Petition to G-D" recognizes that reality, and daily actions we can take to obtain His support for peace in Israel and the world . The goal is to have at least 10,000 signatures after which we will "present" the petition to G-D during a program celebrating Jewish unity and identity.

(Our goal is to Obtain 10,000 signatures between Chanukah 5780 and Rosh Hashanah 5781. Around that time, we plan to have a program to "present"
our petition to G-D and beseech His help for the New Year".)

"The ultimate victory will not be the one with the most powerful weapons. It will be the one with the most powerful spiritual vision"--Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Dear G-D:

In signing this petition I affirm my desire to strengthen Jewish unity and identity as a means of receiving Divine protection for peace in Israel and the
world. To make this happen I can take the following steps:

* Pray for G-D's help in creating Jewish unity.
*Treat each person with respect and dignity, even if I disagree with him or her.
*Seek to help others through everyday acts of kindness.
*Learn more about my Jewish heritage through classes, websites
*Avoid gossip and use the power of speech to focus on the good in people.

In signing this petition, I express my desire to help make the Jewish
people "a light unto the nations".

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