Theresa Seliciano of Spherion Corporation 2050 Spectrum Boulevard Fort Lauderdale FL 33309
United States of America

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, on March 4th & 5th of 2003 Spherion Corporation presented the new years benefits plan. "This plan will cost the employees less, fore less will be deducted from their weekly earnings". Yes, of course that is absolutely correct. The coverage is also reflective of this very ideal. (The ole' cliche')"One gets what one pays for" Comes to mind. For the facts are self-evident, this plan is morbidly insufficent health coverage for any basic annual health expense, yet alone any specialized care or prevention.

Secondly, what becomes of the individuals undergoing treatment for pre-existing conditions and/or life threatening illnesses/decease? This newest development in benefits will halt all treatments and medications for these people. What are they going to do?

Research into finding alternative health providers proved feeble. Most will not even consider someone with any pre-existing condition. Also for a healthy individual to get coverage for thenmselves runs from $200.00 to $400,00.

After, last August's cut in pay, most do not have the means to entertain that option.

The new plan provided via Allstate was designed for someone healthy. It is referred to as a "Mini-Plan" quote unquote by Allstate. This is simular to having Supplimental health insurance like AARP.


The Spherion 2003-2004 Benefit Petition. Colleagues please sign the following petition and show your support opposing the unfair health plan. Speaking up now is vital to attempting to make a difference.
The deadline is 03/17/03.

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