My fb page is primarily devoted to topics of Christianity & Biblical Morality but dropped 80-90% in post interactions almost overnight. It's been this way for a while now, I thought it was just coincidence, but now I'm totally convinced it's intentional suppression on the part of fb. You can literally go down the history of my timeline & see a dramatic drop that was almost immediate. I've had friends ask me why my posts aren't in their newsfeeds anymore, wondering if I somehow exclude them on my end.. But again, I've been writing it off as coincidence. Now claims like this are widespread, with many claiming the same thing. The one thing I seem to have in common with each of these making this claim, seems to be Biblical Values & speaking at things from that perspective. For me, it's not about the number of likes or comments, however, I know that fb operates in a manner where the amount of interaction drives the number of new people who see your posts. If posts are suppressed from circulation among friends and followers, it mitigates the ability to continue using the platform as a tool for evangelism. Bottomline, suppression of posts equals fewer souls getting the message of the gospel. I'm also convinced if I've noticed this pattern & have this experience in common with other like-minded individuals who are speaking out, that many of my friends and followers have likely noticed the same happen to them. This is an opportunity to demand more attention to this issue & possibly the right person/persons will take interest and take awareness to the next level, but I need your help! Simply sign this petition to speak out against censorship and suppression of Christianity on facebook. Also, share this post & most of all pray. If we sit back, this will only be the beginning.. Speak out now!

We, the undersigned, call on facebook to stop manipulating algorithms to suppress voices expressing their religious beliefs or values in the public forum. We will not be silent, and we pledge to continue raising awareness of this biased action until either our voices are treated equally on your platform OR until every user is made aware of this perceived bias, whichever happens first!

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