c/o Ambassador Keinan on behalf of the Israeli Foreign Ministry
South Africa

South African Jews – who are committed to equality and justice for all citizens - are morally obligated to oppose Israel’s proposed annexation of the West Bank.

Please add your name to the huge outpouring of disapproval at this intention of the Government of the State of Israel.

Peace between Israel and Palestine cannot be imposed. It must be negotiated. Annexation burns that bridge. Add your name to help Stop Annexation.

We the undersigned join colleagues, our government, lawmakers internationally and multiple institutions across the political and religious spectrum in denouncing the State of Israel’s announced intent to unilaterally annex areas of the West Bank.

We are proud South African Jews who recognise Israel’s right to exist. We also recognise the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination in an independent State, living at peace with Israel.

Annexation will harm prospects for the resumption of a meaningful peace process that would realise the vision of a two State solution. Instead annexation condemns both Israelis and Palestinians to many more years of conflict, instability, and potential violence.

Unilateral annexation will destroy the notion of Israel as a Jewish and democratic State.

Annexation represents a serious breach of international law that will lead to international sanctions and adverse security consequences for the region. Jewish communities across the world will be hard pressed to explain or defend unilateral annexation. It will boost the anti-Israel movement, amplify the call for sanctions and provide impetus to those who threaten to delegitimise Israel posing additional security threats to our local Jewish Communities.

We therefore urge the government of Israel to show leadership, reject all unilateral annexation policy and instead actively guide its citizens towards a path of reconciliation and peace as the most effective strategy to secure a peaceful and prosperous future for all peoples of the region.

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