Fascination Records
United Kingdom

Fascination Records (a sub-label of Polydor Records) have announced that 'If I Can't Dance' will be the next single released from Sophie Ellis-Bextor's third album 'Trip The Light Fantastic'.

We call upon them to realise that this is not the song that will save the album, after 'Today The Sun's On Us' flopped in at #64, and that instead the pop epic 'If You Go' will be the song that finally gives the fantastic 'TTLF' the large success it deserves.

Please consider that 'If You Go' has received an overwhelming reception and is by far the fan favourite from the album amongst the online community, and with proper promotion will be guaranteed to score a hit for Sophie.

We're aiming for 5,000 signatures, which would probably be sufficient to give Sophie a top 20 with 'If You Go'.

EDIT: Sophie has announced there will be no more singles from the TTLF era and will instead be releasing a Greatest Hits album in the winter, pencilled in for November. Therefore this petition is closed.

We, the undersigned, call on Fascination Records to release 'If You Go' as the fourth single from Sophie Ellis-Bextor's third album 'Trip The Light Fantastic', ahead of 'If I Can't Dance', in order to boost album sales to an acceptable level for such a great album.

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