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The Sims 3 is a single player simulation game. It currently runs on two platforms (barely): PC and Mac.

They both have their share of common problems, and those problems get solved with game patches. If the problem is common with Macs, they usually don't get solved.

A certain error, (infamously known as the Exception Raised Error or as the Do You Wish to Debug It? Issue) has been frustrating Mac users since '09.

Many upset customers will take it up with customer service reps who will tell you to:
-Remove mods if you use any (even vanilla players have these problems).
-Remove CC (custom content).

When a completely vanilla game still fails to run, they will tell you to uninstall and reinstall the base game, and all EPs.

You may try that, but the problem will remain. Your customer service rep will then tell you to take your computer to the Genius Bar for repairs. As if it's Apple's fault that EA is lazy.

The link above is one of the first (of many) complaints about the Exception Raised Error *not* even A MONTH after the game's release in June of '09, and has yet to be solved.

We, the Mac Simmers ask that EA:

-Solve the Exception Raised Error after over 4 years of ignored complaints.

-Give Mac users better technical care in the future. (The Sims 4)

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