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Help me save thousands of lives, every year, by putting signs on all of the "Blind Turns" and mirrors across the streets of "Private Driveways", all along Soledad Canyon Road, in Canyon Country, Ca.
My fiance was killed by an SUV while going around a blind turn on Soledad Canyon Rd. on May 11th 2019. The fault was not his, and it was not the driver of the SUV's either. Neither driver could see the other because there was no warning of either one of them coming toward the other!. It was one of many blind turns on Soledad Canyon Rd. with NO SIGN reading "Blind Turn Ahead". There was no mirror across from the "Private Driveway" that the driver could have seen the other driver pulling out of that driveway.
Signs and mirrors would have saved my fiances life that fatefull morning. Also, the other driver, a good friend of mine, and my fiance, Larry Dean Dorans, would have seen him approaching on his motorcycle in plenty of time to get out of the way.
Instead, these two men, great friends of eachother, collided, killing Larry. and mentaly traumatizing the SUV driver for life. There are so many fatal accidents on this road, almost weekly...

"We, the undersigned, call on the County of Los Angeles to put signs up on Soledad Canyon Road, at all blind turns, and mirrors across from all private driveways."
Too many lives are taken and people injured on this road. Putting up warning signs will be a great justice to all motorcycle riders, car drivers and anyone using this road.
Larry would have had his 52nd birthday 5 days after the accident took his life. Then we were going to get married on the 30th of July. He was one of a kind, and I think he gave his life for my fight!
I miss him every moment of every day.

Serena French-General Manager

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