#Children's Rights
National School Lunch Program
United States of America

According to Castellari (2016), 80% of teachers in survey for public school teachers reported that children come to school hungry one or more times a week. Most depend on school lunches for their primary source of nutrition. Most schools don’t have an obligation to provide a snack between breakfast and lunch. So some children don’t have their first meal for the day until lunch. These children that are not given any kind of meal or snack until lunch, may suffer because of the negative implications this can have on their school performance.

This program we want started will stem from the National School Lunch Program that is already placed in public and non-profit schools. This is a federally funded program.

Castellari, E., & Berning, J.P. (2016). Can providing a morning healthy snack help to reduce hunger during school time? Experimental Evidence from an Elementary School in Connecticut. Appetite, 10670-77. Doi:10.1016/j.appet.2016.0, 2.157

We, the undersigned, call on to the National School Lunch Program to start providing a healthy snack to children during recess who are in need to better their focus and attention during the school day.

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