#Civil Rights
Lisa velten
United States of America

Hi everyone. How's everyone doing? Anyone sitting there having a cigarette rite now? Well, I am, as its my right to do so. I am writing to you today to talk about a law that I am trying to get passed in Maine. Maine is the ONLY State that does not allow their prisoners to smoke while incarcerated, and I feel this is unfair. These (some innocent) prisoners have been taken into the state's custody and expected to just be able to STOP SMOKING, COLD TURKEY. And they wonder why there's violence in the jails.

Quitting smoking suddenly and not with any quit smoking aids, can take its toll on a person, tempers become short, the craving becomes high. I know I have tried to quit smoking and it is very difficult, especially if your FORCED into it. I feel the inmates should be allowed to go out side at rec and have a cigarette or two while out there. If they institution does not want the inmates to have control of the pack of cigarettes, they then (the guards) can hand them out as they go out to rec. The inmates are only allowed to go to rec once a day, so its not like they would be going out all the time for a cigarette, just during the break. The guards all go outside on the property when its not allowed, so why can't the inmates take their rec time to do so? If we can get enough signatures together then we can get this law passed. As I said, MAINE is the only state that does not allow the inmates to smoke. How would you feel if it was you??? As it could be someday. Not ALL the inmates are guilty as charged, some ARE innocent. Lets all get together to help these people make the best of their situation.
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My email address is: luvmyrotweilers@aol.com

We, the undersigned, are for Smoking for inmates in Jails.

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