#City & Town Planning
Western Cape Munisipality
South Africa

The streets are filled with children who are resorting to begging and petty theft as a means of survival. Skateboarding has been proven to be an alternative source of counselling for growing children, children who are prone to anti-social behavior due to social circumstances.

There needs to be more effort done by the municipality to provide a place where these kids can develop their motor skills and their social skills by participating in an activity like skateboarding. More public places, like skate parks, should be provided to the less fortunate people of our society.

The rest of the skateboarding community has been ridiculed for being outcasts, thrill seeking and rebellious, but this has changed over the years, with skateboarding becoming a very popular means of transport this has many advantages for the area of the Western Cape.

The Carbon-dioxide emissions are less, road congestion decreased and a vast array of positive outcomes. However, this is still illegal to use public roads on skateboards. There has been many attempts to accommodate pedal vehicles (bicycles) with a bike lane. The same must happen for skateboarders who want to use the public roads as a means of transport.

We, the undersigned, call on the Western cape Municipality to make the public roads of the province of the Western Cape accessible and safe for the use of skateboards as a viable option for transport.

We, the undersigned, call on the Western Cape Municipality to make more provision for the youth in the area of the Western Cape to have skateboarding as a viable option for social, psychological and physical education as a means of counseling.

The two above mentioned call to actions are most definitely needed in our community and by signing this I feel that the options given are strong enough for consideration and implementation.

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