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South Africa

This heritage rail icon, running on the world’s longest narrow gauge line and crossing the highest narrow gauge railway bridge – Van Stadens Railway Bridge – in the world has been revered by steam rail enthusiasts, preservationists and photographers worldwide for more than 100 years. In 2009 the Apple Express was selected as one of the top six narrow gauge rail operations worldwide.
When the Apple Express stopped running, on 29 December 2010, Nelson Bay and the region lost a lot more than a train. They lost a unique tourism icon – it is truly irreplaceable. It is one of only nine heritage rail operators in South Africa!

Apple Express Rail, a non-profit organisation, has ensured the preservation of these irreplaceable assets over the last 7 years since the public service ceased. They have also been integral part of The Summer Trip, a pilot project over the December period, in running a safe, secure and professional operation.

We need your support to continue the heritage of the Apple Express by making your voice heard.

We, the undersigned, are showing support to Apple Express Rail and call on the decision-makers and custodians of the Apple to ensure that they continue to run operations for Icon.

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