Pure Family

Sandy, Utah, March 24, 2005 - Finally a foundation determined and dedicated to rid our homes and work places from any and all pornography websites by instituting a "do not call" list for all pornography-related websites.

With the pornography industry now reaching 12 billion dollars in the United States alone—much more than the combined revenue of ABC, CBS and NBC put together (6.2 billion); www.PureFamily.org has said enough is enough.

"12% of all Internet websites are pornography related. 8% of all email is pornographic in nature, 20% of adult males admit to accessing pornography at work, and 17% of adult females struggle with a pornography addiction. Not only are these statistics outrageous…" says Eamon Arnett, co- founder of Pure Family, "but the average age of first exposure to this filth is 11 years old, and 90% of 8-16 year olds confessed to viewing pornography online—most while doing their homework"!

Pure Family is saying, why wait any longer; why not fight this fight now? The foundation's description is nothing but straight and to the point, "Strength through Purity". "This is just a start to all the good we can accomplish as we work together in our communities…we will continue to fight for our families in what ever issues face them" says John Niels Petty co-founder of Pure Family. "We choose to fight for all our families—they mean everything to us."

For more information on how you can help to protect and strengthen your family, please feel free to logon to www.purefamily.org.

By signing this, you will be adding your name and confidence to a list of thousands trying to rid our homes from the filth of pornography/smut websites.

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