#Animal Rights
Shutting down Puppy Mills in Illinois
United States of America

Puppy Mills are an organization that need to be shit down, and here is why. Puppy Mills give an adult female dog medicine to produce as many puppies as they can. If the adult dog can no longer produce any more, the dog either dies or gets tossed away. They do this to make the puppies look “perfect” on the outside, but what’s on the inside is messed up. The puppy mill puppies live in horrible conditions and can suffer from many diseases. Many of them are crammed in little cages and have to sleep in their own feces. Some dogs may not live for that long because of their issues and life-threatening diseases. The sale of these dogs makes it harder for shelter dogs to get adopted. Millions of shelter dogs get euthanized each year. We have to stop this. By signing this petition, you are helping me make a difference. This has gone on for too long, enough is enough.

Everyone who signs this petition, is helping me stand up for animal rights. I will be sending an essay to our governor, and the more people that support this, the better it will be. We have to shut down puppy Mills, Pocket puppies and local pet shops from selling dogs.

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