#Consumer Affairs
PayPal and Shopify

Chicv International Holding Limited is a dropship merchant known to operate under many different pseudo-names on the Shopify platform (Noracora, StyleWe, etc.). This merchant does not provide a method of contact and elected to replace all identifying information information with "NULL", preventing consumers from identifying them.

This merchant has thousands of "1" or "Very Poor" reviews from people all over the globe (a few of those links cited below). These activists are using the petition as a means to draw attention to the fraudulent selling practices but still, they continue to operate. They continue to advertise merchandise from other high-end stores and advertising as their own for a significantly lower price.

The reviews speak for themselves and definitely reflect a pattern that has been going on for many years.

There is a growing number of fraudulent online merchants who are bringing in a lot of cash for knock-offs, advertising merchandise that they know doesn't exist, producing orders and taking money for orders that they know they will never fill.

We demand that Chicv International Holdings Limited be removed from the eCommerce merchant community and pay restitution to the victims listed in this petition.

We call on Shopify and PayPal to implement better quality control and accountability measures.

Any user has the ability to create a ‘Merchant’ account on Shopify and PayPal under the premise of the intend to sell a "good" or "service". They are partially (and often-times completely), neglecting to fill orders, leaving buyers without any recourse or method of contact or escalation – nor do they issue a refund.

Buyers are 'purchasing' from these merchants (as witnessed by the COUNTLESS POOR reviews and calls for help on various sm platforms). Shopify and PayPal are aware of this growing issue and yet they continue to provide platforms which provide the means for these criminals to continue engaging in fraudulent selling practices.

This needs to stop and if better control/measures are not put in place, this community of consumers intends to act.

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