Sagesse High School Educational Board

When Sagesse High School had decided to start with the online classes, it was determined for the lower elementary grades that classes would be in the afternoon.
However, after a letter of grievance from some of the parents that the timings were not suitable for them and their children's' daily routine, SHS changed the timings again to the morning hours, without any consideration or thought or study to the matter, for both sides of the parents.
Neither the afternoon classes were a fit for the complaining parents, nor is the morning timing suitable for the working mothers, as they also need to be with their kids to monitor their online classes closely.
It is not true nor advisable that the kids can be left alone to study online, without any supervision. They are too young to be unsupervised, not tech savvy to handle any disconnection issue, and cannot focus on their own without guidance.
In last year, those little kids barely finished their program in the previous classes, thus they do need educational guidance while they are studying online, and make sure they are well focused with the teacher and the lessons given.

We, the undersigned (Parents), urge the Sagesse High School administration to consider the situation of all the parents and students' needs and how to best tackle this issue of the timings of the online classes as per the convenience of the parents, students, as well as the teaching faculty.
Other schools have managed to come up with a comprehensive schedule in different timings to suit most, if not all parents, whether working or not.
The parents are more than willing to cooperate with SHS on coming up with the best solution for the teachers, children, and the parents.
The parents suggestion is to come up with a proper schedule fitting the teachers, kids, and parents.
One suggestion is to have different sessions with different timings suitable for the parents.
e.g. Divide the children into sections according to the status of the parents (Mother)
Mothers at home would have their children's online classes in the morning
Working mothers would have their children's online classes in the afternoon
Therefore, divide the kids into the respective sections accordingly.
Or have the kids divided into morning sessions, noon sessions, afternoon session and group them into sections accordingly.

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