#National Affairs
Dinesh D'Souza
United States of America

For the entire Presidential Candidacy of Barack Obama, the Mainstream Media has hidden the details of his background, his beliefs and his radical associations with America hating communist and even convicted terrorist. They know that any of his known associations and anti-colonialist convictions would instantly derail Obama's chance of re-election.

After seeing "2016: Obama's America" I decided something has to be done. I believe the more people that see this movie the more people that will have a true understanding of Obama's true motivation.

We the undersigned Americans, ask Mr. Dinesh D'Souza please, for the sake of saving this great nation, to air his revealing and true documentary on a nationally watched television channel or station.

This could very well be the difference between losing or winning our great country back from the hands of a true and present danger.

Thank You and Please sign your name to show Mr. D'Souza how many of us need his help today.

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