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My name is Rebecca Kennedy. For around 2 years I have performed freestyle dog dancing with my dog Izzy using a pole sports/dancing pole as a prop. I have performed at many pole events, fundraising events and even spoken on BBC Radio Scotland about my routine and been featured in multiple press publications. I do not perform any overtly or even subtly sexualised tricks, my use of the pole is entirely gymnastic. The kennel club wish to put an end to my performances as they do not believe it to be 'family friendly'
I believe that they have no grounds on which to base this accusation and have old-fashioned views of what they believe pole is.
My aim is to show the kennel club that pole is a sport open to all ages, races, genders etc and that bringing a pole into my routine will not bring the sport of heelwork to music into 'disrepute'.
I wanted to combine my two passions, dogs and pole sports into a unique and inventive routine that benefits my dog by providing mental stimulation and enrichment and is inspiring to others. Please help me to continue to perform and follow my passions and stop the stigma against pole dancing/pole sports.

We the undersigned call on the UK's kennel club to reconsider what they find not to be family friendly and to allow the use of a pole as a prop during a routine. We request that they reconsider their stigma against pole dancing and pole sports and for them to understand that pole is a gymnastic activity suitable for all ages.

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