You constantly keep hearing about trouble children and youths getting themselves in trouble, causing the community and business thousands of dollars. Too young to go to jail they only get a slap on the wrist then sent back out to do the same thing over and over again. Some youths have no respect for themselves or for others. Perhaps its also home troubles. Youth are out of control and pressure to be someone they feel they will never live up to. through social media and their future is a very scary and uncertainty. We need to look after our children as they are our future and need to give them hope and something to work towards. Veterans military or bootcamps for children and teens needs the guidance in a controlled discipline world to focus in respect themselves and others . There are alot of of Military or retired veterans who also would benefit from this and give them the discipline they had to ungo to become respected citizen and for their country.

I ask you to sign the petition with me to help our children of the future, if justice won't keep them behind bars and intervention wont work we need to sign this petition to bring these trouble children and give them hope but it has to start with respecting themselves so they can learn to respect others. tough love is needed

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