Charles Clarke (secretary of state for education)
United Kingdom

The children of the UK are being deprived of so many important thing in life:

. Lesuire Time- As so as they arrrive home from school many have some homework they have little time for themselves, to socialise, hobbies or just play out with friends and those who do don't get the vital work done.

. Sleep- This may sound silly but with the most kids stilling up till at least midnight and having to wake up at 7 a.m they are not getting the sleep required to be alert and focused in school. this results in them not getting the education they deserved.

So what i'm proposing is that the Government cuts school hours down so all secondary schools would start at 9 a.m and finish at 3.15 p.m with a 20 minute break and 50 minute lunch.

This petetion can be signed by any parent, carer, teacher or pupil who argees with the description above.

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