Shepherdsville City Council
United States of America

For the past century or so, the sport of skateboarding has done nothing but grow throughout the world. And that definitely doesn't exclude the City of Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

For years, police officers and business owners have run off kids skateboarding on their property due to damaged property and/or bodily injuries. Why must we keep shutting out kids from doing what they love to do? Building a skate plaza in the City of Shepherdsville benefits more than just the kids involved in extreme sports; it also gives a beautiful scenery and a wonderful addition to a city park.

A skate plaza is nothing more than taking the ideas and layouts of street skating spots, and combining them into one local area that is not illegal for skaters to go to. The benefits highly out-weigh the costs for this project. Skaters will have a legal place to skate, kids will be off the streets, it would bring in tourism, and it would help lower the number of teens getting hooked on drugs and alcohol because they would have a place to go and be themselves and be active in sports.

Studies have shown that most kids get involved in illegal activities due to not having anywhere to go and be involved. The construction of a skate plaza in Shepherdsville will definitely have a positive impact on the community and help keep our children active and safe!

We, the undersigned, call on the Shepherdsville Government and City Council to provide the funds and construction of a Skate Park/Skate Plaza so that our family, children, friends, and the rest of the community can have a place to legally go to and be active in the sports that they love most.

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