Herndon High School/Fairfax County Public Schools
United States of America

For years Sheila Colbert-Alzate has been a wonderful Assistant Principal at Herndon High School. She has recently been removed from her position as such and is now gym teacher at another high school.

Mrs. Colbert-Alzate has touched countless students and families with not only her understanding and respect for the students, but her genuine heart and mother like care for them. She worked relentlessly to ensure the well being of all the students, not just her grade level obligation. She was one of the best faculty that Herndon High School has had the honor to have.

We feel that whatever her mistake was (which is arguable) does not compare to the mistake of the school for letting her go.

We hereby urge (Herndon High school/Fairfax county public schools board) to reassign Sheila Colbert-Alzate as Assistant Principal of the 10th grade of Herndon High School.

We believe this to benefit the school and the entire student body.

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