#Neighborhood Living
The City of Marion Council

Marion Council did not advise the community of the 'proposed' developments to Hazelmere Reserve prior to passing them at the Council Meeting of 27 Feb 07.

By the time the community had any opportunity to view or oppose these proposals they had already been approved by Council. Work had already commenced at Hazelmere Reserve before they mailed the 'proposed' plans to some (but not all) members of the community!!

Many local residents believe the current space division is totally unfair and are angered by the over-use of the park by visiting non-locals, and the subsequent associated traffic problems this creates. In the Marion City Council area dogs are allowed off leash at all parks.

This small token gesture of land provided by Council is the ONLY space in the entire Marion Council area where people can go to exercise without being intimidated by dogs. Is that fair???

The current space division of 2000m2 allocated for non-dog use is not adequate for people to use for ball play, jogging or exercising in.

We, the undersigned, ask Marion Council for a larger open grassed area allocated for non-dog use at Hazelmere Reserve.

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