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Update: April 27, 2008

SHAMED has fulfilled its aim - Glentoran have withdrawn their application. Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition, and all the comments (such overwhelming disapproval must have given the developers pause for thought!)

SHAMED has turned into FSOH - Friends of Streatham Hill - our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=24909020166 - will keep you uptodate with any further developments. Please join - we already have over 120 members! There is a meeting planned in May for us to discuss what we'd like to see on the site - it should be a lively discussion. Keep an eye on Facebook for the date.


Lambeth Council is considering plans to demolish the Megabowl and Caesar's Nightclub and replace the block with a huge retail and residential development.

- The development will be 10 storeys high in parts and will have an enormous impact on Streatham Hill, completely dominating the streetscape and overshadowing the surrounding streets.

- Unattractive architectural design that is unsympathetic to the conservation area and the architecture of Streatham Hill.

- 258 residential units and 100,000 sq feet of retail space.

- There will be a substantial increase in traffic on what are already heavily used roads.

- The weight of pedestrian traffic will add further strain to the transport infrastructure.

- Only 91 parking spaces have been provided for at least 500 extra residents. Parking will therefore be a problem in roads where spaces are already scarce.

For further information email: SHAMED.thehill@googlemail.com

S.H.A.M.E.D, a group set up by local residents and businesses, is NOT against re-development but we think that Streatham Hill deserves much, much better. We want a village, not a concrete jungle.



******* STOP PRESS!!! *******

Public meeting to be held at the South London Synagogue, 45, Leigham Court Rd, London, SW16 2NF at 7pm on Thursday, April 24th 2008.

Come and show your support! Bring your neighbours! The greater the crowd the more impact we'll have!

We, the undersigned, urge Lambeth Council to reject the current plans to demolish the Megabowl and Caesar's Palace.

We are not against redevelopment but we do not want to see Streatham Hill turned into a concrete jungle.

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