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Since the collapse of talks between the NFL and NFLRA followed by the lockout and strike of NFLRA officials, the fans of the NFL have had to endure what can only be described as a farce with regard to the playing of professional football games.

The complete ineptitude and inconsistent judgement as well as the lack of knowledge of very common NFL gameplay rules by woefully underqualified and undertrained officials have affected the outcomes of games, compromised the safety of those that risk themselves playing in those games, tarnished the standards and integrity of the NFL, and have negatively affected the attendance of live events as well as the viewing of broadcasted events.

Football is my only spectator hobby. I care deeply about it and have made it a very large part of my entertainment choices, including television watching, attending games, buying merchandise.

Let's do more than complain in blogs and analysts mailbags, let's show the NFL and it's employee unions that we are more than listless, viewing masses that sit back and take whatever awful product that give us.

The NFL and NFLRA needs to come to a settlement before the playing of scheduled NFL week 4 games be it by agreement, mediation, or binding arbitration so that the officials are calling games by week 5 or 6.

The NFLPA and NFLCA should seriously consider more severe action by their members including vocal protests in the media and perhaps up to a called strike of games that pose a threat to their members bodies and livelihoods. Any means to apply pressure to both the NFL and NFLRA.

The media and broadcasting networks, including their ad revenue sponsors, should apply as much pressure to the NFL and NFLRA as possible to ensure a quality product for the viewers they rely upon.

Fans of the NFL should consider all possible means of boycott to the NFL until we are given the product that we have supported and driven to be the top sport in the country and the top television spectator events in the world. Including cutting off pay per channels such as sunday ticket and nfl network and demanding a refund of their provider partners for giving the paying customer an inferior product, refusing to purchase licensed clothing and memorabilia, watching college games instead of NFL games, cancelling fantasy football accounts, and if you must watch the NFL, finding the games posted on servers and sites that in no way provide revenue for the NFL or its partners.

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