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Dear All,

As many of you already aware of the recent exploitation of Telangana mine resources and migration to Andhra vizag steel plants, as per the TRS chief Mr. K. ChandraShekar Rao Garu (aka KCR) request to launch a signature campaign to consider the demand for a steel plant in Telangana to utilise the Bayyaram iron ore and send to the prime minister of India.

We, NRI TRS CELL initiated this online petition and request every responsible Indian citizens to sign this petition and make sure justice is done to Telangana region.

Thanks in advance,


Anil Kurmachalam
President – NRI TRS CELL

The Prime Minister of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi.

Subject: Request to setup an integrated steel plant in Khammam or Warangal where the ore extracted in Telangana (Bayyaram Mines) must be dedicated to this plant.

Respected sir,

We, the undersigned, responsible citizens of India belongs to Telangana region(living in India & abroad) hereby express our grave concern over the recent exploitation of Telangana resources, also would like to bring the facts about the Telangana resources which are not utilized as it should be, instead migrated to Andhra- Seema region.

With a complete broader perspective of national interest we do believe that any natural resources identified with in the country are utilized across the nation but there are constitutional rights to utilize the same resources locally with an agreed percentage, which generate direct and indirect employments.

It is a known fact that since decades many of the Telangana resources has been exploited and due to Andhra – Seema dominated leadership they are migrated to their regions illegitimately, in the same way recently (April 17th) Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. N. Kiran Kumar Reddy has given a principal approval to Vizag steel plant (VSP) to mine the ore in 2,500 hectares at Bayyaram in Khammam, 2,500 hectares at Guduru in Warangal and 342 hectares at bheemadevapuram in Karimnagar, all the above was done without holding fair and transparent public consultations, regardless of its profound consequences.

In the past Andhraites made protest with “Vizag Ukku – Andhra Hakku ” which means Vizag mine – Andhra right, but Ironically, today when the same slogan was used for Telangana – Bayyaram mines they are showing their patriotism and telling its nations property.

Many agreements and constitutional amendments are dis-honoured by these Andhra – Seema leaders and injustice is continued to Telangana region, history clearly says that among the 35,000 employees in VSP just few hundred belongs to Telangana region where employees from Andhra – Seema are in thousands.

Today if we lose this opportunity to utilize the resources and setup an integrated steel plant in Khammam or Warangal where the ore extracted in Telangana are dedicated to this plant, then indirectly we will lose many job opportunities, other side till date our Jobs/water resources/culture everything was exploited, today they even trying to utilize our natural resources in their region.

Bayyaram Iron Ore is one such valuable resource; it is a great asset of Telangana region and will make much difference to our lives once Telangana state is formed.

We further draw your attention to the public interest and current situations in Telangana not to migrate any such resources to other regions.

Keep in view of the past, present and future situations of Telangana people, on behalf of entire Telangana region NRI TRS CELL request you to please understand the reality and do the justice by revising the given approvals by state government and initiate a process to setup integrated steel plant in Khammam or Warangal districts which can give direct or indirect employment to our people.

With all the above given facts, we respectfully request you to do the justice to Telangana people.

Thank you.

Anil Kurmachalam
President – NRI TRS CELL

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