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When Mike McQueary confronted to his superior, Joe Paterno, about what he saw of Sandusky, the old genius did what he had to do. In most cases, we are taught to report such workplace-related complaints according to the reporting structure outlined in the policy and complaint procedures the institution has in place (for exampled, sexual harassment reporting structures). None of us bothered to know what policies were in place for Joe to follow. The board of directors acted to save face, and Paterno being in love with the institution, he chose not to fight it.

In most workplaces, there is a written and sometimes unwritten policy. If someone brings a complaint against another employee, this cases should be taken to the superiors to deal with. You cant jump the steps and run to the cops, otherwise you bring the institution a lot of 'unwanted' attention. Mike knew this, that's why he told Joe, who in turn did the right thing by following the very policy that most of you would have, and that is to tell the superiors. Those failed as they never did anything about it. Now, do you punish Joe or Mike. No. Joe wasn't even an eye witness. Had he told Mike not to tell anyone, I would sign a petition to let him be stripped of his perfect reputation. But he did what most of us would have done.

Now that things didn't go that well, we all are quick to judge him. Are we that righteous? Joe only had 2 options: Advise Mike to call the cops or inform his superiors of what he was told. He chose the latter. His superiors should have summoned Mike and after hearing of the offense from the man himself, then take the necessary steps. Joe was supposed to be the middle man, so why is he being punished for doing his job?

I am petitioning for Penn State to honor the legend, that is Joe. By saving face, you just ruined his reputation. Do the right thing and give him the credit he deserves.

The people you are trying to impress have no idea of the true events. We live in a 'righteous' society, sometimes we are blinded by wanting to act like the crowd.

How do you live with yourself knowing that you helped perpetuate a perception that this man, who dedicated his life to the success of your institution, was unfairly punished and you played a role. Give this man a couple of games to sign out in style. As the champion he is.

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