United States Eighth Circuit District Attorney's Office
United States of America

With all due respect to the United States Government after careful review of Darwin Huggans charges there were several errors and improper actions taken that entrapped Darwin to make a poor and unfortunate decision. However, sentencing Darwin to what the government calls a sentencing guideline enhancement would not be a suitable purpose or proper way to resolve our communities issues.

Darwin would not be what is considered a threat to the community, he is kind hearted and well respected gentleman, he has a significant impact on the well being of his friends and family. We know that he is not perfect but there is no question as to his genuine concerns and compassion for others. We are sure if given the opportunity the facts spoken would be substantiated.

We, the undersigned, family, friends, & the community respectfully petition this Honorable Court to hear our plea for leniency in the sentencing of Mr. Darwin Markeith Huggans who is a son, a brother, an uncle, a loving husband, a devoted father of 4 beautiful children & 2 granddaughters.

Although existing evidence will support the fact that Mr. Darwin Huggans clearly exercised poor judgement in the instant matter, their is also compelling evidence that suggests federal prosecutors and/or investigating conduct of the cooperating government informants used to target Mr. Darwin Huggans in this matter.

Consequently, we would respectfully ask that you consider this possibility prior to passing sentence.

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