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Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for President, it is time for attention to turn to the selection of his running mate.

We propose that Senator Jim Webb of Virginia is the most compelling candidate the party can consider.

Read Sen. Webb's bio: http://webb.senate.gov/jim/

Senator Webb is an Annapolis graduate, a former Marine and combat veteran of Vietnam, and served two years as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Navy from 1987-89.

Who better to persuade anxious voters that they will be in good hands than this experienced national security and military affairs expert -- and a converted Republican, at that.

Senator Webb is also from the state of Virginia, which is a potential swing state in the November election. His inclusion on the ticket will help accelerate the movement toward a dramatically altered electoral map.

This is strictly a grass-roots (aka "net-roots") effort. Given the power of the Internet, voters around the country can, for the first time, take an active role in the selection of not only the Presidential candidates, but the Vice Presidential candidates as well.

If you agree that Jim Webb is the man who can put Barack Obama over the top in November, then please sign this petition -- and spread the word!

Follow the movement at http://jimwebb4vp.com

We, the undersigned, enthusiastically encourage our Presidential nominee, Barack Obama, to consider Virginia Senator Jim Webb to be his running mate in the general election.

THIS IS HOW THE DEMOCRATS CAN WIN IN NOVEMBER. Senator Webb's selection to be Vice President will give our ticket the strong voice it needs to in matters of national security or military affairs that the Republicans will try to exploit to their advantage in the fall.

For more info : http://jimwebb4vp.com

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