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Automatic forfeiture of parenting time w/child(ren) when not used
United States of America

Currently, visitation laws in the State of Michigan leave parenting time open ending for the non-custodial parent when it has never been used, only used once, or sporadically. ALSO-the non-custodial parent who has NEVER used visitation, still reigns over the custodial parent and children being able to move out of the state of MICHIGAN! Their permission is required! This is absurd and should be diminished when they don't see or know the children at their choosing!

See Me or Free Me Law is being petitioned on behalf of my astonishment of the State not setting a time frame where non-use or misuse would result in automatic forfeiture.

The current law requires the custodial parent to file a "Change in Parenting Time" form against the offender. I use offender the same as a criminal is labeled due to the detrimental matter at hand, a CHILD. On the other end of the millions of non-custodial "offenders" (who are allowed to abuse the right to see their child consistently), is a CHILD!

Every parent deserves a fair chance, but the allowed abuse and repeated come and go must be stopped.

America needs good citizens, quality in=quality out. Where is the protection for our children? We have to be the voice.

We will not and should not tolerate visitation rights to continue to be kept available to a parent who has not used their given, or requested, parenting time.

What the See Me or Free Me Law would accomplish, is to eliminate the open right for the non-custodial parent to enter and leave a child's life whenever they wish. The custodial parent would not be required to file any forms, the rights would automatically be null and void until fought for again and reviewed at that time. AMENDED: It would also change the current law that if visitation has never been used or so minimal, the right is lost to control where the parent with the child(ren) moves.

The change in law would be automatic forfeiture of rights to visitation if it is unused without good reason, (extended illness, cancer, etc.), goes unused for an extended period, or used sporadically.

Help us make this possible. With your signatures, we can demand a change that will make an even more difference in protecting our children. Make your voice count! Allow a child to fore-go instability and heartbreak. No one should have the right to hurt a child, and this activity devastates an influential, growing child.

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