hi as you may know that there has been so many terror attacks and stuff happening and the most one i was affected by was the Manchester attack on May 22 2017 and i still wonder how the terrorist get their equipment stuff to make the bomb and to get their stuff over to the place they are trying to bomb, and i am still confused on where the security went when this was all happening there was no security to stop the man. but since i am most affected by the manchester attack i have came to a concern on New Year’s Eve 2018 i was heading off to wales to see my brother and all the people who work on Stenaline all they did was take a look at our passport and gave us our tickets not even a security check or anything for our luggage i was so shocked to why they didn’t have security check anybody that got on that boat i was on could have been a terrorist and could’ve had explosive devices in their bags and could have been heading to England to plan another terror attack so i am here today to try and hopefully get this to happen and for you guys to have and get security check on Stenaline boats because we really need it so please please help me we need this so badly just incase it happens to us next i hope to see this work out and i am not going to give up hope. Thank You Very Much Yours Sincerly - Leon

We the Irish people and all people call on the government to take on and get security checks for our bags on Stenaline boats since they don’t have any security checks on the boats or at check in at all and this increases terrorism as it is easy for them to get through without getting searched. Thank You Very Much Please Help Out And Sign This Petition.

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