#City & Town Planning
Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Women are being assaulted on public transportation, while some are reported, many are left unreported. The simple issue is that the offender is not likely to get caught because all can provide authorities with is a description of the person. While many local businesses and malls have cctv, busses are not equipped with the technology we've come to need? Why are we leaving people vulnerable while on public transportation. I'm asking for everyone to help me make this possible, not only for my safety but for everyone else as well. Myself and many of the women I've talked to have come forward about sexual assaults, physical assaults, and demeaning comments about them, their age , sexuality, looks, their child, ethnicity, and many more .

women have been assaulted for asking for priority seating or room to sit with their child/stroller with no help from special constables (oc transpo security) stating "There is no camera so it will be hard to identify the person."

We,the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to install CCTV on all city transportation

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