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We know that security at the Circle K stores especially in Erie Pennsylvania are currently being targeted with hateful crimes. Robbery.. With the fact that there are not a lot of cameras or secure lighting.

What boggles my mind is even after a 5 th robbery by three men and a corner street shoot out.... still no action from the company. No additional camera and More times then none is the person that is on the 2nd and 3rd shift alone after 9 pm. Is that what he want in our neighborhood? Now July 29th Pine ave Circle K was robbed yet again. Something has to happen !

We want to know that we can walk to the community convenience store and be safe. We want the company to take all the precautions necessary to make sure they have an establishment that is safe for there employees and customers.

We, the undersigned, call to the community to eliminate the opportunity of robbery by asking that Circle K takes the actions necessary and make their stores more safe and secure environments, to update their policies, and preserve life without fear.

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