The rate at which hackers successfully hack people's Facebook account following the many recent security scandals is alarming. It seems the effects of the massive security breaches by Facebook may have far-reaching effects than anticipated. Hackers take over people's account, change phone numbers, email addresses and every other measure to retrieve the account. Although Facebook team has put in place addition steps to protect accounts from being hacked, it seems more need to be done. Swift actions are rarely taken when reports of hacked account are submitted. The fact that Facebook cannot be contacted directly makes it more difficult. Therefore, to make it difficult for hackers to control or take over people's accounts, Facebook should make ensure that any changes in primary emails, phone numbers and any other means of retrieving accounts should take full effect only after about 30 days or more. Meanwhile, email and SMS notifications should be sent weekly to warn users of such serious changes before it takes full effect. Within the period of 90 days, the primarily phone number or email should reserve the right to undo or overwrite any attempts to make those major changes.

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to reserve the right of primary email and or phone number for creating a Facebook accounts to undo and/or overwrite any attempt to replace it within 90 days or more after such attempt(s) is made.

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The Lets Pressure Facebook to Secure Your Account petition to Facebook was written by Fidelis Ekhorelen and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.